YKK project for International Talent Suport finals (resin, fiberglass, sheep skin, ykk zippers, 2012)

Nickel silver metal collar (2011)
One-off piece handmade from a nickel silver sheet. The shape was cut with a hand jewelry saw and then annealed to allow the curving
of metal. Additional procedure involved traditional silversmithing techniques of hammering, hardening and stretching, with further
sawing of the inside shapes.

photo: Quincy Scott
model: Toma Gerdvilyte

Leather garter belt (2008)
Made of natural black tanned leather, hand sewed, with white metal rivets and metal fastening on the back.

Black Leather Knee Cap (2008)

Pvc Tie Collar (2008)

Collar Shoulder Shirt (2008)

Rubber Belt (2008)

photos: Vladimir Miladinovic